Our story

The Cerda family had always dreamt of owning a gym in our hometown and finally the opportunity happened when the 12,500 sq.ft. antique mall hit the market. Antiques have been substituted with a fitness wonderland, Hair and Tanning Salon, Tattoo Shop, and so much more. The Chenoa Fitness Center is the heart of the small communities. Only half of the gym goers are from Chenoa, the rest travel from out of town.

Fitness Mall

We’ve coined the term “Fitness Mall” with all that we’ve fit under one roof.

Enjoy 24/7

Kid’s Room
Private Room
Drinks + Snacks

We've Got It All

McLean County Orthopedics
Chenoa Tattoo Company
Whicker Hair Depot
Tanning Salon
Feese Homes
Yoga Class
Fight Fit Class
Personal Training
Nutrition Planning
Brand’s Martial Arts

Fitness & Beauty

24/7 Gym, Sauna, Classes, Training, Therapy, Tanning Salon, Hair Salon, Martial Arts Dojo, Tattoo Studio, and more to come!


Cafe serving food and drinks, Real Estate Agency, Advertising Agency and Event Rental Space.
The opportunities are endless at this Chenoa Family’s 12,500 sq. ft. fitness mall. Come on in and we will be happy to give you the grand tour during our staffed hours!